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Examining the Past to Try to Predict a Future for Building Distributed Applications

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Key concepts of reliable distributed computing developed during the eighties and nineties (e.g., transactions, replication) influenced the platforms of the early 21st century, such as CORBA, Java EE and .NET. These systems evolved from RPC to message passing facilities to support construction of loosely coupled systems and their influence can be seen in newer areas such as IoT, Cloud, SOA and Microservices. However, the way networked computing is being used for business and social uses is undergoing rapid changes including the adoption of immutable infrastructures like Kubernetes, breaking down of application containers to disparate component services and much more.

In some ways, building distributed applications today looks similar to what we had in the 1980s. In this presentation we will look at some core concepts, components and techniques in reliable distributed systems and application building over the years and try to predict what that might mean for the future.


Mark Little

VP of Engineering @RedHat and CTO @JBossMiddleware

I work for Red Hat, where I lead the JBoss Technical Direction and research&development. Prior to this I was SOA Technical Development Manager and Director of Standards. I have experience with two successful start up companies, and was Chief Architect as well as co-founder at Arjuna...

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Tuesday May 17 / 09:00AM EDT (50 minutes)


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