Speaker: Matthew Skelton

(He / him / his)

Founder and Head of Consulting @ConfluxHQ

Matthew Skelton is co-author of Team Topologies: organizing business and technology teams for fast flow. Head of Consulting at Conflux (confluxdigital.net), he specialises in Continuous Delivery, operability and organisation dynamics for software in manufacturing, ecommerce, and online services, including cloud, IoT, and embedded software.

Recognised by TechBeacon in 2018, 2019, and 2020 as one of the top 100 people to follow in DevOps, Matthew curates the well-known DevOps team topologies patterns at devopstopologies.com and is co-author of the books Team Topologies (IT Revolution Press, 2019), Team Guide to Software Operability (Skelton Thatcher Publications, 2016), and Continuous Delivery with Windows and .NET (O’Reilly, 2016), along with several key reports on SRE.

Matthew founded Conflux in 2017 to offer training and consulting to organisations building and running software systems.

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