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Taming Database Chaos with SolarWinds Database Performance Monitor


Key Takeaways

1 Understand workload change at deployment. 

2 Get ahead of problems before they emerge.

3 Understand production issues in real time. 

**Sponsored Labs will not be recorded. We encourage attendees to join the Lab live at the time it's scheduled.**

In this session, you’ll learn how to use a profiler to proactively identify where your database is spending its time, identify new queries, and compare over time to measure the impacts of code deployments. We’ll also explore and identify production issues and how you can correlate different metrics and datasets to quickly understand what’s causing the problem.  


Dominique Flannery

Sr. Customer Success Engineer @SolarWinds

Prior to SolarWinds, Dominique was a MySQL DBA at Kaplan for 10 years. He likes relational databases more than non-relational databases and his favorite books include anything on SQL statements, execution plans, blocking, and deadlocks.

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Friday May 21 / 09:30AM EDT (1 hour )


Level Beginner

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