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Chaos Engineering 101 Bootcamp

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Join us for a hands-on Chaos Engineering lab, covering the tools, practices, and metrics you need to implement Chaos Engineering. You’ll learn how you can use Chaos Engineering to modernize safely, ensure reliability, and reduce downtime.

During this two-hour workshop, attendees will be broken up into teams of four, and each assigned a role that is critical to the Chaos Engineering Experiment process. You’ll work together as a team to plan and execute various Chaos Engineering experiments with the guidance of the Gremlin Team.


Ana Margarita Medina

Senior Chaos Engineer @Gremlin

Ana Margarita is a Senior Chaos Engineer at Gremlin and helps companies avoid outages by running proactive chaos engineering experiments. Before Gremlin, she worked at various-sized companies including Google, Uber, SFEFCU, and Miami-based startups. Ana is an internationally recognized speaker...

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Friday May 21 / 12:00PM EDT (2 hour )


Level Beginner

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