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Discover Distributed SQL with CockroachDB

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Come get experience with the next generation of distributed SQL with Cockroach Labs.  

In this session, you will learn about Cockroach Labs architecture as well as get hands-on experience with our Cockroach Cloud db-as-a-service offering. A team of architects and developers from Cockroach Labs will guide you through the following:

  • Deploy a free CockroachDB cluster on CockroachCloud
  • Explore the DB console
  • Connect with a SQL shell

Cockroach University has several courses where you can become more familiar with how to develop a sample application Python or Java connected to your own CockroachCloud cluster.  Finally, we have a SQL tuning course that can introduce you to the fundamentals of tuning SQL with CockroachDB.


Glenn Fawcett

Master Principal Services Consultant @CockroachLabs

Glenn Fawcett has 30 years experience tuning large-scale database systems.  He worked at a few startups in his early postgraduate years, but gained experience on high-end database performance at Sequent Computer Systems, Sun Microsystems, and Oracle.  During his years at Sun, he...

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Monday May 17 / 02:30PM EDT (2 hour )


Level Beginner

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The May 17th sponsored lab will have three possible tracks you can participate in depending on your role and interest:

It’s important for you to set up your computer for your chosen track prior to the Monday, May 17th sponsored lab.

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