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Play Inside the Enterprise Observability Tool



Learn how Instana works and see it in action! In this lab you will see how Instana can help you gain full visibility into your applications. You will go inside the Application Performance Monitoring solution in our preconfigured observability sandbox. Want to take a deeper dive into custom dashboarding or enter environments where you’ll need to set up your own Agents? No problem, we will have that available to you upon request.

You will learn:

  • How to discover ‘Unknown Unknowns’ by installing the Agents, the Instana Sensors automatically discover and deploy to the end to end application entities and report meaningful trace, metrics and event information within minutes.
  • See how Instana Enterprise Observability automatically provides context for all of the trace, metrics and event information to provide vastly more intelligence about what is occuring than other observability tools
  • Learn how Instana can take you from problem notification to root cause visibility within seconds.


Ben Stern

Executive IT Specialist / Hybrid Cloud Management SWAT team @Instana

Ben Stern is Executive IT Specialist and lead of the Cloud Automation SWAT team. Ben has 30+ years working in the software industry in various roles including QA, Development, SWAT, and Best Practices. For the past 15+ years, Ben has work in a Best Practices/SWAT role for IBM’s management...

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Thursday Nov 4 / 04:15PM EDT (1 hour 30 minutes)


Level Beginner

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No prerequisites needed.

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