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Feature Flagging with LaunchDarkly


Get up close and personal with the LaunchDarkly feature management platform in this half-day of technical training sessions focused on architecture and use cases. These focused sessions will give beginners and experts alike hands-on experience to learn best practices and strategies for incorporating feature flags into development processes.


Yoz Grahame

Solutions Architect @LaunchDarkly

Yoz Grahame is a Solutions Architect for LaunchDarkly, because he wants software engineering to be far less painful than it is now. Previous involvements include: the US Government (in the 18F group), Compaas, Linden Lab (Second Life), British e-democracy projects WriteToThem and TheyWorkForYou,...

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Phil Zona

Solutions Architect @LaunchDarkly

Phil is a Solutions Architect at LaunchDarkly where he helps engineering teams with their adoption of feature management as an organizational practice. His career has included roles with companies like Linode and GitLab. Phil recently moved from Texas to North Carolina with his wife and two cats,...

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Rocky Mc Gredy

Sr Solutions Architect @LaunchDarkly

Rocky McGredy is a Senior Solutions Architect at LaunchDarkly, partnering with the largest strategic customers. He has a deep background in experimentation, supporting large enterprise experimentations from both a strategic and technical implementation perspectives. In his free time he enjoys...

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Friday Nov 5 / 02:30PM EDT (1 hour 30 minutes)


Level Beginner

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