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Cloud DevSecOps with Bridgecrew and Terraform

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When using modern, fast moving DevOps workflows, security can’t be an afterthought. This workshop will provide hands-on experience to automate shifting cloud security left. We’ll walk through an overview of DevSecOps and Terraform infrastructure as code (IaC), including different methods for scanning Terraform to find and fix common security and compliance issues, all from your existing tooling. You’ll learn how to embed cloud security into your continuous integration (CI) pipeline and automate as much of the process as possible.


Taylor Smith

Senior PMM @Bridgecrew

Taylor is a senior product marketing manager for Bridgecrew by Prisma Cloud at Palo Alto Networks. He helps customers integrate security into DevOps practices to secure the entire cloud native stack. Previously, he held product marketing and strategy positions at Gremlin, Cisco and NetApp.

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Friday Nov 5 / 11:00AM EDT (1 hour 30 minutes)


Level Beginner

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To make sure you can follow along, please come prepared with:

We recommend you have these prerequisites set up 24 hours prior to the workshop so we can hit the ground running.

For detailed signup and install instructions, you can check out our Terraform Workshop, which we will be following along with. 

If you have any questions in the meantime, feel free to join our CodifiedSecurity Slack workspace.

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