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Session + Live Q&A

Incidents, PRRs, and Psychological Safety

A Production Readiness Review is a process that identifies the reliability needs of a service based on its specific details. Few organizations have the benefit of starting with a robust PRR process. In most instances, the PRR process came about because of a production incident. The fact is there isn’t a one size fits all PRR process. What your PRR process looks like is a function of many things, including where your organization is, and it's business goals. In this talk, Nora discusses the context around PRRs and then provides tangible takeaways on how you can improve your production reliability. Spoiler alert: PRRs at other companies are great examples of how they measure production readiness, but you can’t drop their process into your organization without context.


Nora Jones

Founder and CEO @jeli_io

Nora is the founder and CEO of Jeli. She is a dedicated and driven technology leader and software engineer with a passion for the intersection between how people and software work in practice in distributed systems. In November 2017 she keynoted at AWS re:Invent to share her experiences helping...

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Wednesday Nov 10 / 01:10PM EST (40 minutes)


Production Readiness


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