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Session + Live Q&A

Using Shared Memory-Mapped Files in Java

  • Unsafe in Java 8
  • Project Panama in Java 17 and Java 19
  • Practical uses with code examples
  • Simple demo using Panama
  • Event Sourcing using shared memory with Chronicle Queue

Main Takeaways

1 Hear about Project Panama, Chronicle Queue, and interactions between the JVM and code written in other languages.

2 Learn to consider other options to write applications in Java.

What are you working on these days?

We're focusing very much on making our software as deployable and manageable as possible. In the past, we've focused on making it super fast and it's easy to use, but now we're very much shifting towards ease of deployment and manageability.

And what are the goals for your session?

It's really about challenging expectations, one of my frustrations when people talk about latency, they are talking about milliseconds, which is a red flag for me. Instead, we do everything in microseconds and sometimes nanoseconds.

It’s all too common to stop tuning code when it’s good enough or meets your expectations. I have published benchmarks even for competitors’ products at half the latency they publish by improving the way the product is tested and tuned.

What is it that you would like people to leave with after watching your session?

People to think differently about what is achievable with software, different ideas of what's possible, in Java in particular. 


Peter Lawrey

CEO @Chronicle_SW

Peter Lawrey has the most answers for concurrency and memory in, and the second-highest for Java.Peter is a Java Champion, the CEO of Chronicle Software and the architect of OpenHFT libraries downloaded from 15K different IP addresses each month.

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Wednesday May 18 / 11:20AM EDT (50 minutes)


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