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Understanding Java Through Graphs

Many people will know that when you use Java you compile your application using the javac compiler to a data structure called bytecode. Many people will also be familiar with a data structure called an abstract-syntax-tree, or AST, which is the way that the Java compiler represents your Java source code while compiling.

Fewer people will be aware that there’s another key data structure used at runtime to JIT compile Java programs to native code - the compiler intermediate representation, or the IR. The compiler transforms and optimizes your code by manipulating this data structure. By knowing about this representation, we can understand at a deeper level how Java reasons about your program when optimising it.


Chris Seaton

Researcher (Senior Staff Engineer) @Shopify

Chris is a Researcher (Senior Staff Engineer) at Shopify, where he works on the Ruby programming Language, and a Visitor at the University of Manchester.He was formerly a Research Manager at the Oracle Labs Virtual Machine Research Group, where he led the TruffleRuby implementation of Ruby, and...

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Wednesday May 18 / 10:10AM EDT (50 minutes)


Performance & Mechanical Sympathy


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Peter Lawrey

CEO @Chronicle_SW

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