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Secure, Performant Platform Extensibility through WebAssembly

Server-side WebAssembly is at the core of platform extensibility at Shopify. It enables third-party developers to extend the platform with synchronous, custom business logic.  

In this talk, Saúl explores how server-side WebAssembly can be leveraged to enable synchronous, secure and performant platform extensibility, emphasizing on three main areas: the difference with other approaches to extensibility, the main challenges with WebAssembly today and a peek into the most interesting upcoming WebAssembly features.


Saúl Cabrera

Software Developer @Shopify

Saúl Cabrera is a self-driven, and proactive software engineer, highly passionate about functional programming, concurrency, and compilers. Saúl currently works at Shopify making commerce extensible through WebAssembly.

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Wednesday Nov 10 / 12:10PM EST (40 minutes)


Modern Language Innovations


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Justin Cormack

CTO @Docker

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