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Session + Live Q&A

Remote Onboarding: A Houseplant's Story

The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in many new experiences - both professional and personal.  

According to recent reports, 1 in 4 Americans have transitioned to work remotely and a surprising 1 in 3 households welcomed at least one houseplant.  

Similar to welcoming a houseplant into its new home, employee onboarding is a critical process that requires thoughtful planning, patience, and compassion.  In this talk, we will discuss 7 tips to foster an enjoyable and effective onboarding process for remote teams (+a few add-on tips for those wishing to become skillful plant owners.)


Kate Wardin

Engineering Manager, Studio UI Developer Productivity @Netflix

Kate Wardin has always been passionate about the people side of software development. She is a currently an Engineering Manager at Netflix working remotely in Minneapolis, MN.  Outside of her day job, she enjoys organizing events that enable underserved communities to develop a passion and...

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Monday Nov 1 / 02:10PM EDT (40 minutes)


From Remote to Hybrid Teams: Return to Office?


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Session + Live Q&A Remote Teams

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James McNeil

Site Reliability Engineer @Netlify

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The Spectrum of Synchronousness

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Remote and Hybrid Teams Panel

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Kate Wardin

Engineering Manager, Studio UI Developer Productivity @Netflix

James Stanier

Director of Engineering @Shopify

Miriam Goldberg

Engineering Manager @Netflix

James McNeil

Site Reliability Engineer @Netlify

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