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A New Wave of Developers to the Rescue

In this session, Gonçalo Veiga explores the challenges of the accelerating digital transformation and how a new wave of developers, empowered by modern solutions, will be at the forefront of solving them. A tipping point has been reached where a whole class of applications can be created with a lot less time and effort. In this session, you’ll go through the design patterns and advancements which made it possible.


Gonçalo Veiga

Director of User Experience @OutSystems

Goncalo Veiga is the Director of User Experience at OutSystems, leading teams of designers, researchers and writers dedicated to creating a low-code platform that enables any company to easily create compelling digital experiences across touchpoints. After a decade of developing and leading...

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OutSystems is a developer platform with AI-powered automation across the entire application lifecycle to ship your code automatically. Build your apps on a DevOps ready environment that gets your stuff in production with the click of a button. Develop the most complex user interfaces, algorithms and services, on top of the latest tech stack like reactive web, AI/ML, IoT, and RPA and microservices.


Tuesday Nov 9 / 04:15PM EST (45 minutes)

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