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ML Maturity: Unifying and Measuring Processes Across Multiple Teams.

Flo is an AI-driven company. We use machine learning in nearly every part of our product, from cycle predictions to automatic moderation in the community. Our models span years of development, changing architectures, data sources, and frameworks. To support such diverse and long-running tasks, we develop ML infrastructure and common principles that allow us to reduce time to production by up to 80 percent. In this speech, we describe some of our approaches and tools, which address: Computational resources for ML engineers, Unified development environment, Data protection, Model registry, Metric tracking, Experiment reproducibility and other.


Vadim Nikulin

Data Science Lead @Flo Health

I started my career in Tensor, Russia which is the leading company for tax reporting in Russia now. Then I moved to Yandex where I was working on an AB-testing system in the Search department. After some time of backend engineering I converted to a machine learning team. Our goal was to perform...

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Flo Health is the #1 most downloaded female health app worldwide, chosen by 200+ million people, with over 45+ million monthly active users. Using the power of data, science, AI, and medical experts, the app provides curated cycle and ovulation tracking, personalized health insights, expert tips, and a private community for users to ask questions and get support.


Tuesday Nov 9 / 03:10PM EST (45 minutes)

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