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Session + Live Q&A

K8s: Rampant Pragmatism in the Cloud at Starling Bank

Starling Bank’s back end is made up of 40 - 50 individual services. These were all being deployed to the cloud as a monolith, an approach that was slowing us down. We migrated our delivery pipelines to deliver these services in six separate groups, and are now starting to use Kube. But why did we start by deploying our services as a monolith? Why are we now deploying our services in six groups as opposed to all individually? Why are we only starting to use Kube now? This talk will explore Starling’s technical philosophy of rampant pragmatism and how we applied it to our delivery pipeline.


Jason Maude

Lead Engineer @StarlingBank

Jason Maude is a coder, coach, debater, and public speaker. He has over a decade of experience working in the financial sector, primarily in creating and delivering software. He is passionate about creating teams and explaining complex technical concepts to those who are convinced that they...

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Wednesday Nov 3 / 01:10PM EDT (40 minutes)


The Cloud Operating Model


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Optimizing Efficiency & Capacity Management at Web Scale on the Cloud

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Molly Junck

Technical Program Manager & Infra Governance and Cloud Vendor Management @Pinterest

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Harry Zhang

Tech Lead of the Cloud Runtime Team @Pinterest

Ramya Krishnan

Staff Site Reliability Engineer @Airbnb

Ashley Kasim

Tech Lead of the Compute team @Lyft

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