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Exposing Kafka Events as APIs

If you have APIs, and have a lot of events in your Kafka brokers, then this talk is for you!

REST API needs no introduction, we all know and love the abundant choice of platforms and tools available today. On the other lane, Event-driven architecture is fast catching up with adoption and tools of its own, to compliment REST in your architecture. And at the core of it are the event brokers such as Kafka, Solace, RabbitMQ, and others.

We will start off with some common challenges we have with our Kafka deployments, and how answering those questions serves as the first few steps to discover valuable events in our Kafka brokers and expose them to our consumers. By the end of the talk, we hope you’d be pumped up and well-equipped with the major steps and tools available today to manage your events and how to expose them just as we learned from the REST world.


Ari Hermawan

Solution Architect @Solace

Ari is a Solution Architect with Solace and is based out of Singapore. He has worked in enterprise software solutions with companies like Sun Microsystems, TIBCO Software, and Red Hat. Started off as a programmer, most of his career are in consulting and solutions architecture, and currently...

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We help enterprises adopt, manage and leverage event-driven architecture, with a complete event streaming and management platform, enabling the smart movement of data so innovators can focus on doing what they do best—whether that’s leading IT organizations from the C-suite, architecting systems to meet ever-changing business requirements, or developing kickass enterprise, IoT and mobile applications.


Tuesday Nov 9 / 04:15PM EST (45 minutes)

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