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Session + Live Q&A

Designing Event-Driven Architectures Using the AsyncAPI Specification

In the world of REST APIs, we're used to having a great variety of tools and specifications (Swagger, OpenAPI, RAML). This has enabled us to automate the generation of documentation portals, code, and also led to a bunch of excellent API management services like Apigee, Mulesoft, Kong, and many more.  

On the contrary, the world of event-driven architectures hasn't received much love until recently. With the growth of technologies like Kafka or RabbitMQ and architectures like microservices, organizations are starting to adopt event-driven architectures more and more.  

In this session, we'll go through the key points we learned about APIs and apply them to the event-driven or asynchronous APIs (yes, they're APIs too.) AsyncAPI instead of OpenAPI/Swagger, AMQP/MQTT/Kafka instead of HTTP, and publish/subscribe instead of request/response.  

At the end of the talk, you would have learned how to document, code, and test your event-driven architecture.

Main Takeaways

1 Hear about AsyncAPI, what it is and how it helps with event-driven architectures.

2 Learn about the tools AsyncAPI offers and how to start an event-driven solution.

Fran, what is the focus of your work these days?

I'm primarily working on the AsyncAPI initiative. AsyncAPI is an initiative that holds the AsyncAPI specification and a bunch of tooling. The aim of AsyncAPI is to ease the work with event-driven architectures and asynchronous APIs.

What is the motivation for your talk?

I would love people to know what we are working on at AsyncAPI, the tools and the specification that we're working on that can make their lives much easier and to understand that there are new solutions to old and also new problems.

How would you describe the persona and the level of the target audience?

It might be an intermediate talk, but for junior people, it will be easy to follow as well. And I would say it's primarily targeted for senior software engineers and architects that are working with event-driven architectures.

What would you like these people to walk away with from your presentation?

I would love them to know that there are a bunch of tools that we're working on that can make their lives easier and to have what it takes to start an event-driven solution.


Fran Mendez

Founder at AsyncAPI Initiative & Director Of Engineering @getpostman

Fran is the founder of the AsyncAPI Initiative and Director Of Engineering at Postman. He’s a software engineer with a strong focus on event-driven APIs and microservices. In his spare time, he enjoys playing beach volleyball, kayaking, and stand-up paddle surf.

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Tuesday Nov 9 / 11:10AM EST (40 minutes)


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