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Session + Live Q&A

Building Modern Transportation System with KubeEdge, How We Made It

Transportation is one of the most important industries of edge computing, building a highly distributed, edge-cloud collaborative platform to leverage new applications and services for modern transportation has been a hot topic these years.

To deal with massive edge apps & nodes deployment, enabling edge autonomy, and to simplify heterogeneous devices management, KubeEdge was introduced as a key part to the whole system.

In this talk Kevin and Huan will introduce:

  1. Benefits and challenges of adopting cloud-native technologies in the transportation industry.
  2. Edge - cloud collaborative architecture with KubeEdge inside: trade-off between scalability, extensibility, and complexity.
  3. Real-world use cases:
    • Managing 100,000 edge nodes on China's Highway with KubeEdge: most challenging barriers and how they were resolved.
    • How KubeEdge simplified Vehicle-Cloud collaboration, helping software-defined cars to achieve rapid software upgradation & iteration.


Kevin Wang

Lead of Cloud Native Open Source Team @Huawei

Kevin Wang is a contributor in the CNCF community since its beginning, leader of the cloud-native open source team at Huawei, and co-founder of the CNCF KubeEdge, Volcano, Karmada projects. Kevin has contributed to Kubernetes upstream for years and now spends 100% of his work and focus on...

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Huan Wei

Chief Architect at HarmonyCloud

Huan is the chief architect of HarmonyCloud, and director of edge computing. He designs and implements private cloud construction for many large enterprise customers. Huan has 10+ years of experience on software design and development across a variety of industries and technology bases, including...

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Monday Nov 8 / 11:10AM EST (40 minutes)


Living on the Edge


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