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Controlling Feature Flags in Production: A Guide to Rule-Creation and Managing Feature Releases

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In this workshop, we'll take you through creating your first flag, setting some rule targeting and finally, we'll end with a section on how to trigger flags from your IDE. We'll be doing this via REST API calls before jumping into the LaunchDarkly extension in VSCode, allowing you to trigger a release from the comfort of your IDE.

Attendees will leave this session with an understanding of:

  • How specific targeting and rule sets work with feature flags
  • An understanding of server-side flags vs client-side flags along with their various uses
  • An introduction to how flags can be from the perspective of a developer versus a release manager


Jessica Cregg

Developer Advocate @LaunchDarkly

Jessica is a Developer Advocate at LaunchDarkly, where she speaks about change and writes about the human implications of engineering decisions. She writes for a selection of tech publications and works as a co-organiser of DevOpsDays London and the regular meet-up group DevSecOps London...

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Cody De Arkland

Principal Technical Marketing Engineer @LaunchDarkly

Cody is a seasoned technologist focusing on all things "as-code". His background is in enterprise IT automation, infrastructure as code, and application delivery. He enjoys taking users on journeys in technology and is passionate about helping users adopt DevOps practices. He's very...

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Unleash developer productivity for the software-powered world by fundamentally changing how you deliver software to your customers. With LaunchDarkly’s feature management platform, empowered developers can empower the business to release new features faster and more efficiently than ever.


Friday May 20 / 11:00AM EDT (1 hour 30 minutes)


Level Beginner

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Attendees will need to sign up for a trial account with LaunchDarkly ahead of the session and have VisualStudio Code installed on their device.

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