Speaker: Yury Niño Roa

(She / her / hers)

Cloud Infrastructure Engineer @Google

Software Engineer with 8+ years of experience designing, implementing and managing the development of software applications using agile methodologies such as scrum and kanban. 3+ years of DevOps and SRE experience supporting, automating and optimizing mission-critical deployments, leveraging configuration management, CI/CD, and DevOps processes. Experience with on-premise and cloud architectures and foundations both on the coding and deploying systems. Professor of Software Engineering and Researcher. Interested in solving performance, resilience and reliability issues, using chaos engineering and studying the human errors, safety on systems and lack of monitoring and observability.

Session + Live Q&A

Chaos Engineering Observability with Visual Metaphors

Observability is key in operating a system in production; it’s required during an incident, when an operator has to interrogate, inspect, and piece together what happened to avoid a similar event. In those scenarios, Chaos engineering and Observability are closely connected - providing concepts, practices, and disciplines that allow building reliability in the systems.

Considering that operators and engineers shape mental models while practising those disciplines, it’s critical to provide the proper metrics, dashboards, and visualisations. Both academia and the tech industry have focused a lot on improving metrics and dashboards. Metrics based on golden signals of monitoring and tools like well-established APM commercial solutions, and out-of-the-box products in the primary cloud providers are evidence of this. However, the visualisation of these metrics and the selection of appropriate visual metaphors in the dashboards have not evolved with the same acceleration. The histograms, line plots, and pie charts are still the only visual strategies available in the market.

This talk introduces a new actor: visual metaphors. We will talk about visualisation and how to use colours, textures, and shapes to create mental models that enrich the available options in observability and chaos engineering. I will present state of the art visualisation techniques, specifically: treemaps, heatmaps, visualisations based on a city, cosmic, geocentric, and sky metaphors. Finally, I will show the survey results after an operation team used these metaphors during on-call activities.


Thursday May 12 / 01:30PM EDT (50 minutes)


Debug, Analyze & Optimise... in Production!


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