Speaker: William Overton

Senior Serverless Solutions Architect @Fastly


William Overton is a Senior Serverless Solutions Architect at Fastly where we're working on the future of edge computing. His main focuses are helping customers adopt (and get excited about) WebAssembly and Serverless Computing. In his spare time Will likes trying out new technologies and listening to techno music.

Session + Live Q&A

Better Serverless Computing With WebAssembly

About 10 years ago Fastly was founded with the goal of bringing developer's applications as close to users as possible.

In this talk you'll see why WebAssembly is the next big step on our journey to computing at the edge. Learn about our edge computing platform, Compute@Edge, and upcoming developments in the WASM ecosystem such as WASI and the Component Model.


Thursday May 12 / 12:20PM EDT (50 minutes)


WebAssembly & Modern Systems Programming Languages


WebAssemblyRustServerlessProgramming Languages


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