Speaker: Sara Bergman

Software Engineer at the Green Software Foundation

Sara is a Software Engineer at Microsoft Development Center Norway working in a team which owns several backend APIs powering people experiences in the Microsoft eco-system. She is an advocate for sustainable software practices at MDCN and M365. She is a member of the Green Software Foundation and a chair of the Writer's project which is curating and creating written articles on the main GSF website and the GSF newsletter. When not working you'll most likely find her hiking or trying to figure out how to grow chilies in sub-zero temperatures.


The Next Decade of Software Is About Climate - What Is the Role of ML?

Please note: there will not be a live Q&A for this session.

Climate action has risen to the top of many technology companies' agenda. But how does one get started? Green software engineering is an emerging discipline and being a part of the climate change solution is a relatively new part of many software companies' strategy. With accuracy hungry algorithms ML software is consuming more and more computational resources, largely benefiting from the increasingly better hardware. Are the results worth the environmental cost? This talk introduces the field of green software engineering, showing options to estimate the carbon footprint and discuss ideas on how to make Machine Learning greener, giving you the tools to take an active part in the climate solution.


Thursday May 12 / 12:20PM EDT (50 minutes)


Innovations in ML Systems

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