Speaker: Roksolana Diachuk

Big Data Engineer @Captify

Roksolana works as a Big Data Engineer at Captify. She is a speaker at technical conferences and meetups, one of the Women Who Code Kyiv leads. She is passionate about Big Data, Scala, and Kubernetes. Her hobbies include building technical topics around fairytales and discovering new cities.

Session + Live Q&A

Modern Data Pipelines in AdTech—Life in the Trenches

There are various tasks that the modern data pipelines approach helps us solve in different domains, including advertising. Modern data pipelines allow us to process data in a more efficient manner with a diverse set of data transformation tools for both batch and streaming data processing. AdTech is a traditional industry that constantly changes and innovates. Today, it draws a lot of attention as we’re expanding the reach and movement toward a cookieless world.  

In this talk, you will learn how to use modern data pipelines for reporting and analytics as well as the case of historical data reprocessing in AdTech. We’ll dive deeper into each case, exploring the problem itself, implementation, challenges, and future improvements. In cases like business rule changes or errors in past data, we need to re-process our historical data, and it’s not a trivial task as it requires a lot of time, precision and computational resources for each step. Due to this, a whole section of the talk will be devoted to approaches to historical data reprocessing and data lifecycle management.


Wednesday May 18 / 11:20AM EDT (50 minutes)


Modern Data Pipelines & DataMesh


Data EngineeringDatabaseData PipelineData Management

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