Speaker: Rob Pilling

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Lead Developer @Scott_Logic

I'm a lead developer at Scott Logic, a multifaceted UK-based software consultancy. I maintain an active interest in tech developments, having contributed to projects such as Rust and my favourite text editor, Vim! I can be found on github as bobrippling.

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Session + Live Q&A

WebAssembly: Open to Interpretation

Webassembly has been doing the rounds for a little while now. It's implemented in all major browsers, and we've seen several large, typically desktop-only apps use it to run on the web. Not to mention DOOM, of course.

This makes Webassembly seem intimidating, surely there must be a lot to if if we've got apps like Photoshop standing atop it. But how big and scary is it? Can I pick it up in an afternoon? Turns out Webassembly isn't that different to tinkering on, say, a Raspberry Pi, Arduino or even a BBC Micro.

Join me in this talk where I run through the foundational corners of webassembly and aim to inspire you to have a dabble yourself!


Thursday May 12 / 11:10AM EDT (50 minutes)


WebAssembly & Modern Systems Programming Languages


WebAssemblyRustProgramming Languages

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