Speaker: Phil Estes

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Principle Engineer @AWS, Containerd Maintainer, & Technical Oversight Board of OCI

Phil is a Principal Engineer with Amazon Web Services (AWS), focused on core container technologies that power various AWS container offerings. Phil has spent the last several years actively working on various open source technologies and standards across the cloud native ecosystem. He is a CNCF containerd runtime project maintainer, a Technical Oversight Board (TOB) member of the Open Container Initiative (OCI) and a member of the Technical Advisory Council of the Open Source Security Foundation (OpenSSF). Phil enjoyed working on user namespaces support and multi-platform images in the early days of the Docker engine project as well. Currently he is a member of the CNCF Ambassadors program and enjoys speaking on container runtime-related topics at industry events worldwide.

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Session + Live Q&A

The State of APIs in the Container Ecosystem

It has been nine years since Solomon Hykes gave a quick demo of Docker and containers at PyCon! Since then, containers have effectively taken over the tech world, initially with developers but now operationally a major part of how many businesses run services in the cloud. But what’s the “API” for containers? Docker has had an HTTP-based REST API for nearly a decade, but we also have the exponential growth of Kubernetes and its orchestration API, not to mention its definition of a container runtime API called the Container Runtime Interface, or CRI, based on gRPC.


In this talk, we will attempt to demystify the state of APIs across the container landscape, overviewing the how and why of the layers of APIs that drive how containers work today. Secondly, we’ll make it practical by talking about the tradeoffs of where developers and operators should be interacting with these APIs and who these layers are meant to be consumed by. We’ll wrap up by talking about where APIs and innovations around containers are heading in the popular spaces of cloud services and the Kubernetes ecosystem.


Wednesday May 11 / 11:20AM EDT (50 minutes)


Building and Evolving APIs


APIGraphQLgRPCKubernetesCloud ComputingDistributed Systems

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