Speaker: Paul Caporn

(He / him / his)

Lead Technical Architect, TV and Radio @BBC

Session + Live Q&A

APIs at Scale: Creating Rich Interfaces that Stand the Test of Time

The amount of data in the world is growing exponentially. To match, APIs are also growing in size and complexity. They need to do more, evolve faster, and integrate into more places. So what is the best way to design data and APIs that can flex to changing needs? Using 100 of the BBC’s APIs as examples, this talk will explore the options for creating data interfaces that can adapt as needs grow. We’ll look at versioning; design patterns; handling different use-cases; supporting high-traffic moments; and the merits of different API types. And we’ll consider how serverless provides new opportunities for data feed handling and API design.


Wednesday May 11 / 09:00AM EDT (50 minutes)


Building and Evolving APIs


APIRESTGraphQLgRPCDesign PatternPatternsServerless


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