Speaker: Liz Rice

Chief Open Source Officer @Isovalent

Liz Rice is Chief Open Source Officer with cloud native networking and security specialists Isovalent, creators of the Cilium eBPF-based networking project. She is chair of the CNCF's Technical Oversight Committee, and was Co-Chair of KubeCon + CloudNativeCon in 2018. She is also the author of Container Security, published by O'Reilly.
She has a wealth of software development, team, and product management experience from working on network protocols and distributed systems, and in digital technology sectors such as VOD, music, and VoIP. When not writing code, or talking about it, Liz loves riding bikes in places with better weather than her native London, and competing in virtual races on Zwift.

Session + Live Q&A

Resiliency Superpowers with eBPF

eBPF is a powerful technology that allows us to run custom programs in the kernel. It’s enabling a whole new generation of tools for networking, security and observability. Let’s explore how it can help us build resilient architectures. 

This talk - with demos - considers several facets where eBPF can help, from dynamic vulnerability patching, through super-fast load balancing, to multi-cluster networking. You’ll also see how eBPF enables the observability we need to diagnose what’s happening when things go wrong.


Wednesday May 18 / 09:00AM EDT (50 minutes)


Resilient Architectures


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