Speaker: Januar Wayong

(He / him / his)

Head of Technology @ING Neo

Januar started his career at ING Australia as a software developer straight out of the University of Melbourne. He worked on various influential project such as 'bank-in-a-box' that provides on-demand development environments for hundreds of engineers, adoption of Polymer & Web Components at ING Globally and in his recent gig, as a Head of Engineering, he built a software engineering organization and a mobile-only bank for ING in the Philippines. He has international experience in Asia, Middle East, Australia and Europe. Currently he is the Head of Tech for ING Neo Innovation.

Sponsored Webinar + Live Q&A

A Journey to Become a Better Developer

How does one become a better developer? this question has been asked countless of times by engineers, managers, teachers around the world and the answers are still not quite an exact science. As the industry move towards a more 'software defined' world and barrier to develop code has been significantly reduced compared to past years, understanding how a developer to become better to produce high quality code becomes more and more important whether the skill level is novice or expert.

In this talk, we will hear a journey about what it means to become a better developer, and what hard and soft skills improvements are required and their techniques to attain those improvements. We will also discuss several career pattern and anti-pattern by taking real-life example in a highly successful 300+ people software engineering team at ING.

This talk is for those developers looking to improve, managers who wants to get the best out of their team, and teachers who continuously prepare the future generation of developers.


Tuesday May 10 / 02:40PM EDT (45 minutes)

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