Speaker: Ioana Creanga

Engineer Lead for the Payments Processing Group @StarlingBank

Ioana is currently an Engineer Lead for the Payments Processing Group at Starling Bank. 

She worked in several teams as a software engineer at Starling before she was given the task to build out a team which would develop a certified Mastercard card processor. 

She now helps the payment teams at Starling deliver their best work, whilst also having fun.

When she is not thinking about financial software, she loves reading and listening about the latest in medicine, health and digital health related things. 

Session + Live Q&A

How Starling Built Their Own Card Processor

Rob Donovan and Ioana Creanga talk about what happens behind the scenes when you pay with your card, and how Starling built their own card processor, integrating more traditional hardware with cloud-deployed micro-services.


Tuesday May 10 / 10:00AM EDT (50 minutes)


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