Speaker: Daniel Mangum

Software Engineer @Upbound & Crossplane Maintainer

Daniel Mangum is a Staff Software Engineer at Upbound and a maintainer of Crossplane, an open source CNCF project. He has served in a variety of roles in the upstream Kubernetes project, most recently as a Tech Lead of SIG Release, and is active in multiple other open source circles. Daniel is also an advocate in the RISC-V community, hosting a meetup in Durham, NC, writing the RISC-V Bytes series on his blog (https://danielmangum.com/categories/risc-v-bytes), and contributing to the software support effort for the Debug Specification. He is a frequent speaker at conferences, meetups, and anywhere else an audience will listen to him passionately promote a future of more open hardware and software.

Session + Live Q&A

Kubernetes as a Foundation for Infrastructure Control Planes

To continue the conversation with Daniel, please join the Hangout with the Speaker during the break after the session.

The distribution, deployment, and ongoing maintenance of infrastructure is frequently decoupled from the applications that consume it. Kubernetes has become the default platform for orchestrating containerized processes, but it also offers a general interface for running distributed systems, providing an opportunity to extend its capabilities beyond workloads running in-cluster.

In this talk, we’ll explore how bringing applications and infrastructure to a single control plane allows for building robust platforms that can accommodate heterogenous organizational structures and architectural patterns. We will identify how practitioners can:

  • Establish strong separation of concern between platform and application development teams.
  • Build applications that target infrastructure interfaces, rather than specific implementations.
  • Design control planes that evolve with organizations as they scale.


Wednesday May 11 / 01:40PM EDT (45 minutes)


Building and Evolving APIs


KubernetesAPICloud ComputingDistributed Systems


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