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Session + Live Q&A

An Observable Service with No Logs

After working with Honeycomb for a little while and starting to instrument our existing code with events, I’d become enamoured with the level of observability possible with that sort of telemetry. In particular, how easy it became to interactively and visually explore how my systems were behaving in production.

With these experiences fresh in my mind, I found myself in an unusual position of beginning development of a new service written in Go, when Go was a new language for services at the company (previously it had only been used for CLIs). This meant that we couldn’t use any existing internal libraries, and had a bit of freedom to imagine something different.

So I proposed an experiment to my team:
What if we never included a logging library in the new service, and only used event tracing?

This is the story of how that went.


Glen Mailer

Senior Software Engineer @Geckoboard

After spending a bunch of years as a contractor, Glen worked across a variety of roles at all levels of the stack: from infrastructure to frontend with a detour via databases - this has led to a very varied set of experiences to draw from. Most recently he’s worked on build infrastructure...

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Thursday May 12 / 11:10AM EDT (50 minutes)


Debug, Analyze & Optimise... in Production!



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Yury Niño Roa

Cloud Infrastructure Engineer @Google

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Rafael de Elvira

Senior Software Engineer @Slack

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