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Boosting Engineering Speed with Cycle Time

Your engineering speed is your organization’s competitive advantage. A fast Cycle Time will help you out-innovate your competitors, keep your team nimble and motivated, shorten feedback loops, and maintain the agility necessary to respond to issues quickly. Tracking Cycle Time – rather than more subjective measures of engineering speed – can reduce bias and provide a trustworthy baseline from which to drive improvement. In this talk, you’ll learn more about Cycle Time and its components, so you can start identifying opportunities to boost engineering speed in your organization.


Romain Dupas

Director of Software Engineering @Code Climate

Romain Dupas is Code Climate’s Director of Software Engineering, where he leads a team of passionate engineers committed to helping other engineering teams excel with data-driven insights. Prior to joining CodeClimate, Romain served as Head of Engineering at NASDAQ Private Market for 6...

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Empower engineering excellence across people, process, and code.


Wednesday May 11 / 02:45PM EDT (45 minutes)

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