Speaker: Edmond Lau

Leadership Coach and Co-Founder of Co Leadership

Edmond authored The Effective Engineer and co-founded Co Leadership to provide the most effective leadership training for engineers. His mission is to show people the dreams that are possible in all areas of our lives — if only we so choose to create them.  

He used to apply his engineering mindset toward building software. Now, he applies the same rigor and systems-oriented mindset toward a harder but even more important problem: teaching people how to build relationships, build trust, and build teams.  

He's run leadership workshops and seminars for thousands of people from top tech companies including Google, Facebook, Dropbox, Amazon, Airbnb, Slack, Stripe, Coinbase, Quip, Pinterest, and more. He brings over a decade of experience in Silicon Valley from Google, Quora, Quip, and Ooyala.