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System Level Programming Languages Panel

Come to this panel to hear the story of Oxide Computing - a company that builds its systems from the ground up with Rust. We will hear why they chose Rust, information about the operating system they are building on Rust, what they've learned about Rust along the way, and where they'd like to see both Oxide and the Rust language go in the next five years.



Laura Abbott

Engineer @oxidecomputer

Laura is a software engineer with experience in low level systems. Her past work has focused on the Linux kernel in areas ranging from memory management to kernel maintainership. She has been a member of the Linux Foundation Technical Advisory Board since 2018. Laura's current role is at...

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Cliff Biffle

Engineer @oxidecomputer

Cliff is helping to build Oxide's rack-scale computer system. Before joining Oxide, he worked on a variety of things, including Project Loon and a machine learning accelerator. He's been teaching Rust since 2016 and using it in production systems programming since 2018.

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