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Leading Organizational Change to Improve Flow Panel

Please join this panel of industry experts to talk about how to lead organizational change to improve velocity and quality. We will discuss topics like:

  • How to help platform teams foster and maintain customer focus and empathy
  • How to find the sweet spot between standardization and team autonomy
  • How to show the value of platform teams and enabling teams to the overall business
  • How to manage technical debt, and how to decide whether to declare tech bankruptcy
  • How to recognize and improve cultural impediments to fast flow
  • How to improve organizational structures to help teams focus on the most important priorities

Bring your own questions and topics as well!


Sarah Wells

Former Tech Director for Engineering Enablement @FT (Financial Times)

Sarah Wells has been a developer for 20 years, leading delivery teams across consultancy, financial services, and media. Building the FT's content and metadata publishing platform using a microservices-based architecture led her to develop a deep interest in operability, observability, and...

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Sangeeta Narayanan

Director, Media Cloud Engineering @Netflix

Sangeeta leads the Media Cloud Engineering team at Netflix, whose mission is to provide infrastructure to revolutionize the process of digital content creation at massive global scale. This includes foundational services and tools to simplify the complexities of media and content workflows, with...

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Nick Caldwell

VP of Engineering @Twitter & HubSpot Board

Nick Caldwell is the VP of Engineering at Twitter. Prior to joining Twitter, he was the VP of Engineering at Reddit and he held various positions in engineering leadership at Microsoft across a 15 year career, including work on natural language processing, enterprise search, machine...

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