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Data Has a Half-Life

Integration is your differentiation!

In the modern world what makes the difference is the shelf-life of your data analysis. When you run analysis on your data to derive insights, these insights rely on the recency of the data. Deriving one from the other introduces latency; the insights go stale as time passes and their value diminishes. After all, who wants to know yesterday’s weather. We want to know today’s and better still tomorrow’s. What we need to do is derive our insights continuously. As one data record changes, so does the derivation. Then the insights stay up to date.

By way of a demo, I’ll show how this is done using a Trading Platform where we wish to see all trades and trade summary information together. All you need is a stream processing engine integrated with a fast data store. Changes in core data in the data store flow through streaming analytics to create derived data. If it’s all integrated, performance is excellent for high volume and low latency.


Neil Stevenson

Principal Architect @Hazelcast

With over 30 years of industry experience, Neil has designed, developed, debugged, and supported software systems for numerous customers large and small. Initially, a C and assembler programmer, most of the last 20 years have been Java-based, with a focus on distributed systems, data grids, and...

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Hazelcast is the fast, cloud application platform trusted by Global 2000 enterprises to deliver ultra-low latency, stateful and data-intensive applications. Featuring real-time streaming and memory-first database technologies, the Hazelcast platform simplifies the development and deployment of distributed applications on-premises, at the edge or in the cloud as a fully managed service. Hazelcast is headquartered in San Mateo, CA, with offices across the globe.


Tuesday May 25 / 01:10PM EDT (45 minutes)

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