Speaker: Zack Jackson

Principal Engineer @lululemon

Principal Engineer, Webpack Core Maintainer, Creator of Module Federation. I specialize in distributed software self-formation and orchestration at runtime. My passion is Javascript Architecture and figuring out how to scale distributed frontend applications. 

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Session + Live Q&A

Module Federation: The Federated Applications Revolution

When we work on distributed architectures we face several challenges like how to split the domains, how to create independent teams, or how to deploy multiple times per day without external impediments.  

In this talk, I'll go into detail about Module Federation as well as share design patterns that lean into taking full advantage of Federated application architecture. As the web landscape pivots toward a more asynchronous future, paradigms like Module Federation and Component Level Ownership start to come into focus for large-scale, distributed systems.


Tuesday May 10 / 01:30PM EDT (50 minutes)


Current Trends in Frontends


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