Speaker: Soam Vasani

Software Engineer @Stripe

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Session + Live Q&A

Building and Scaling Developer Environments at Stripe

Developers at Stripe work with several-GB-large code bases, develop hundreds of services, and write code in several languages. They often work on multiple branches at the same time, iterating on code reviews while working on their next task.

The dev environment they use must support the fast "inner loop" of development: change, reload, test, repeat. It must minimize large flow-breaking wait times, and support collaborative workflows.

We'll delve into how Stripe's dev environment infrastructure handles these needs. We'll talk about how we use cloud instances to augment local laptop development, explore the local-vs-remote-dev tradeoff, and support multiple branches without breaking flow. We'll cover how we use dev environments to improve code review. 

Finally, we'll cover techniques that help dev environments adapt and evolve to support a growing organization.


Tuesday May 10 / 01:30PM EDT (50 minutes)


Developer Enablement - The Secret Weapon


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