Speaker: Peter Pilgrim

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Java Champion and Senior Manager @Cognizant

Peter Pilgrim is a recognised Java Champion and senior manager at Cognizant Worldwide. He has been an independent contractor, speaker and technical book writer. Peter started his career with C / C++ and Fortran 77. He worked on Solaris pizza box workstations and PC clones until one day by coincidence happened. Peter joined Deutsche Morgan Grenfall investment bank in 1997/1998. A work colleague was too ill to attend the Sybase Java programming course at his new work place. It was a new discovery that the Java ecosystem changed everything: portability, networkability and security. From Java applets to Swing, to JavaFX to WebLogic to Spring to Jakarta EE. He has developed scores of applications and written about Java enterprise technologies, he contributed to strong blue chip clients including Wundermann Thompson, Kobalt, Sainsbury’s Digital and Santander. Nowadays, at Cognizant, as an employee, Peter currently helps the HMPO GOV.UK deliver cloud-native applications with Kubernetes and AWS.

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Software Engineering Towards Sustainable Empathic Capacities

As software developers, designers and architects, we pride ourselves on the products that we deliver to stakeholders and customers. Nowadays, we are gracious to live in a time, day and age, where we have a plethora of technologies, techniques and positive approaches that can deliver "the dent in the universe". We can build great software for all people, however, we must remember that we work with all people in our teams.

In this talk, an excursion on a lived-experience to minor creative genius, we will entertain two aspects of our future. Our journey is fraught with the peril of seemingly unexplained events, life-changes, circumstances and situations and even danger that means we pivot in our careers. Secondly, nearly everything that we have learnt about the software industry history, has been pointing the vector of progress and innovation towards the Empath. An understanding of empathy is about being human. Humanity is the heart of software engineering.


Thursday May 12 / 09:00AM EDT (50 minutes)


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