Speaker: Jason McMinn

Infrastructure Architect and Senior DevOps Engineer @Modern Hire

Jason McMinn is an Infrastructure Architect and Senior DevOps Engineer at Modern Hire. Over the past 3 years at Modern Hire, he has successfully merged three company platforms into one, closed the last legacy datacenter, and completed the company’s full migration to the cloud. Jason brings over 25 years of infrastructure experience in systems, cloud, and network engineering from Shaker International, Neal Analytics and Byte Ideas and Solutions. He is a retired athlete, and lover of all thing’s geek and football.

Sponsored Webinar + Live Q&A

Shifting Security Left

Gone are the days when security could simply be bolted on at the end of a process. In today’s world, integrated security must become a normal part of AppDev and DevOps implementations. Making security frictionless and adaptable enables development teams to power ahead without fear. Instead of a painful extra step that must be dealt with, modern application security can be a robust support system that empowers organizations to reach their business goals and guides them to even greater heights. Join this discussion where Thelen Blum, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, F5 NGINX and Fabrizio Fiorucci, Principal Solutions Engineer, F5 have a conversation with Jason McMinn, Infrastructure Architect & Sr. DevOps Engineer at Modern Hire, on how they secured their modern applications on their journey to a completely cloud-based environment with NGINX App Protect WAF.


Wednesday May 11 / 01:40PM EDT (45 minutes)

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