Speaker: Jason Barto

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Principal Solutions Architect @AWS

Jason is a Principal Solutions Architect at AWS where he works with customers to design resilient system architectures and develop chaos engineering practices.  Prior to joining AWS Jason was designing and building distributed systems for complex event processing and real-time telemetry analytics.

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Session + Live Q&A

How to Test Your Fault Isolation Boundaries in the Cloud

Will my system keep working when a server fails? When a data center goes offline? When a service dependency is unavailable?

Availability calculations for redundant components require that those components are independent and autonomous of each other. But modern day systems are complex, exhibiting unexpected behaviours, and what was thought to be autonomous may in fact be indirectly dependent. 

Fault isolation boundaries give us a way to think about system design and understand relationships between system components. Chaos engineering gives us a way to test this autonomy and validate that our systems are implemented as designed, building confidence in the system’s capability to withstand turbulent conditions.

In this session we will talk about fault isolation boundaries and ways to take advantage of fault isolation in AWS. We will then demonstrate initial tests you can use to ensure your system has successfully isolated faults within its architecture.


Wednesday May 18 / 11:20AM EDT (50 minutes)


Resilient Architectures


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