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Panel: The True Bottleneck in Software Engineering - Cognitive Load

In software development, our job is not typing. Our job is making decisions. It is what we type that matters, and what we can glean from the computer's response. The core limitation of our work is how much we can know: how much we can hold in our heads, and how quickly we can learn. This panel will tackle this tough topic from three perspectives:

  • Jean Yang is the CEO of Akita Software, which produced insight into the complexity of our systems, instead of abstracting over it.
  • Manuel Pais is an author of Team Topologies, the bestselling book on how to organize our teams for maximum collaboration effectiveness (NOT maximum collaboration).
  • Artemis Starr wrote the book Idea Flow; she studies the intellectual workload we experience while coding.  

Come for validation of how this work is. Leave with ideas on how to work more effectively.


Jean Yang

Founder and CEO @AkitaSoftware

Jean Yang is the founder and CEO of Akita Software, an API observability developer tools company. She was previously an Assistant Professor in the Computer Science Department at Carnegie Mellon University, where she led a research group working on techniques for automating software-based security...

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Manuel Pais

IT Organizational Consultant & Co-author of the book @TeamTopologies

Manuel Pais is co-author of Team Topologies: organizing business and technology teams for fast flow. Recognized by TechBeacon as a DevOps thought leader, Manuel is an independent IT organizational consultant and trainer, focused on team interactions, delivery practices and accelerating...

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Arty Starr

Founder, Twilight City, Inc.

Arty is author of Idea Flow, a data-driven approach to measuring the “friction“ in developer experience, and making improvement decisions based on data rather than gut feel. After a 17-year career as a developer, consultant, and CTO specialized in statistical process control and...

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Tuesday Nov 9 / 02:10PM EST (40 minutes)


Crafting the Developer Experience


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