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Sponsored Webinar + Live Q&A

Build Apps Easier and Faster with Data APIs

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The tech industry today has 14 million JavaScript developers, and that number is expected to rise to 25 million in the next 5 years. Other interpreted languages like Python continue to rise in popularity, while front-end frameworks like React continue to evolve in maturity and capability. The common denominator in data behind all of this is JSON. Increasingly application developers expect to interact with data via an API, and expect JSON to frame how those APIs function.

Yet organizations still demand data platforms that are scalable, resilient, and fast. How can organizations have it all? 

In this presentation you will learn about:

  • Stargate, an open-source, extensible, data API gateway to query data using GraphQL, REST, Document (JSON), and gRPC.
  • How APIs can reduce barriers to using Cassandra and the time to market for your application development.
  • How Astra DB gives you a data service that gives you a free and fast way to test out these APIs while giving you a robust, pay-only for what you need, utility computing model as a full-scale application platform.



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DataStax delivers an open, multi-cloud data stack built on Apache Cassandra™, the world’s most scalable database. The company’s marquee offering is Astra DB, the industry’s first open, multi-cloud serverless database. Built on a modern, Kubernetes-based architecture, Astra DB provides an unprecedented combination of pay-as-you-go data, simplified operations, and the freedom of multi-cloud and open source. DataStax also offers Astra Streaming, a multi-cloud messaging and event streaming platform built on Apache Pulsar™.


Monday Nov 8 / 04:15PM EST (45 minutes)

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