Speaker: Ben Evans

Java Champion, Author of "Java in a Nutshell"

Ben Evans is Senior Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat. Previously, he was Lead Architect for Instrumentation at New Relic. He also co-founded jClarity, a JVM performance optimization company (acquired by Microsoft in 2019). He is a former member of the JCP Executive Committee, and helped define standards for the Java ecosystem for 6 years. Ben is a Java Champion; 3-time JavaOne Rockstar Speaker; author of "Optimizing Java", the new edition of "Java in a Nutshell" and "The Well-Grounded Java Developer" He is a regular speaker on the Java platform, performance, architecture, concurrency, startups and related topics.

Session + Live Q&A

Java Flight Recorder as an Observability Tool

Please note: this presentation will not have a live Q&A

JDK Flight Recorder (JFR) is one of the best sources of telemetry and monitoring data for the JVM. However, it has not achieved particularly widespread usage - many Java engineers do not use it regularly and those that do frequently only use it via the Mission Control (JMC) GUI tool.

In this talk, Ben Evans explains recent developments with JFR, and discusses how tooling based on JFR fits into the growing field known as Observability and some of the ongoing F/OSS work and standards in this space.


Wednesday May 18 / 09:00AM EDT (50 minutes)


Performance & Mechanical Sympathy


JavaObservabilityJVMProgramming Languages


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